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2019 Specialized Womens Power Expert Mimic Saddle Down Under in Red

And for this years tour down under Specialized have brought these colors to life in a limited-edition collection featuring their womens power saddle with mimic and accompanying bar tape. For as long as there’ve been saddles women have been having issues with them. But where some see unsolvable problems we see practical solutions. We spent countless hours performing research and prototyping in order to give you the comfort that you’ve been rightfully longing for. With our patented design mimic technology makes numbness and pain disappear with a design that mimics the bodys response to different types of pressure to create equilibrium within soft tissue. And when you combine this technology with our power Expert saddle with its hollow titanium rails and level ii padding for extra comfort you get a high-performance piece that’s designed to help you perform at your best. It still features all of the body geometry design characteristics you know and love so you can be assured of superior all-day comfort in any ride position. The s-wrap hd handlebar tape meanwhile sets the mark for high performance comfort. It features a diamond texture for incredible grip as well as a gel backing that pulls double duty. By this we mean that the gel adds a bit more cushion to the hands while also helping to absorb road vibration. It also makes re-installation on other sets of bars a breeze. Additionally this tape is incredibly tough and durable so you get the holy grail of handlebar tapestrong and comfortable.