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2021 Trek Domane SL 7 Road Bike in Charcoal/Black

The 2021 Trek Domane SL 7 Road Bike in Charcoal/Black is all about smooth riding, speed and versatility. The lightweight OCLV Carbon frame has both Front and Rear IsoSpeed to smooth out bumps in the road and reduce fatigue so you can stay stronger on long adventures. With Ultegra Di2 equipment and carbon wheels the complete bikes come in under 9KG. The Domane SL 7 is built around a 500 Series OCLV Carbon framewith road-smoothing Front and Rear IsoSpeed. IsoSpeed works a little like suspension. It allows parts of the bike to decouple in a controlled way to absorb bumps, rather than sending a shock up through the frame. The effect is to smooth out bumpy roads and reduce the shock from potholes and cracks so you can carry your speed, keep the power down and not get as tired. On the SL 6 you also get an IsoZone handlebar to take even more buzz and vibration out. The Domane bikes are race fast but designed to be used on long all-day adventures. The Domane SL 7 comes a couple of major upgrades. These are Ultegra Di2 11 speed gearing and Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V OCLV Carbon Tubeless Ready Wheels. Combined they give you crisper shifting, more speed and faster acceleration so you can really fly out of every corner. This bike is perfect for Riders who want a fast road bike that can handle long all day endurance rides even on the bumpiest and most potholed back roads. Want to hit up some cobbles? It can handle that as well. With the complete bike weighing in under 9KG, carbon wheels and Di2 equipment this is a seriously fast bike. Key Features This bike is super versatile, super smooth and equally suited to racing, club rides and all-day adventures on the open road Road-smoothing IsoSpeed absorbs fatiguing bumps in the road for a faster, smoother, more comfortable ride A sleek internal storage compartment gives you a versatile spot to stow tools and gear The stable Endurance Geometry is comfortable over long distances, but this is still a quick racing bike