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Fenwicks Concentrated Bike Cleaner

Fenwick’s Concentrated Bike Cleaner is a complex mixture of surfactants and sequestrants. It may be diluted using 10 parts water to create a โ€œready to useโ€ Bike Cleaner or used neat in chain baths. Concentrated Bike Cleaner works by attracting dirt and making it easy to rinse away. Fenwick’s Concentrated Bike Cleaner does not use

Fenwicks Bike Cleaner 1 litre

Fenwick’s Bike Cleaner 1 Litre is ready to use and comes in an ergonomically designed bottle that Fenwick’s want you to re-use. It has a handy โ€œfill levelโ€ indicator embossed about 1cm above the base, so you can refill it with Fenwick’s Concentrated Bike Cleaner to the correct level for diluting. Fenwick’s Bike cleaner works