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Crud Catcher Front Mudguard

The Crud Catcher is British designed so you know they know mud! The Catcher has been the ‘˜go to’™ mountain bike mudguard for a couple of decades. Fitting under the downtube of pretty much any Mountain bike it stops mud and water coming off the back of the wheel and onto you. Whilst it won’™t keep you totally dry it will keep the worst off making the crud catcher a great lightweight quick mount option for MTB mudguards. This Mudguard is great for: if you don’™t really want to fit a mudguard but would like to reduce the amount of mud and water you get covered in. Light and easy to fit you’™d barely know it was there if it wasn’™t stopping some of the crud! Features Downtube mounted front mudguard Mounted in seconds Soft nose edge designed for improved fit Lightweight