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Fenwicks Chain Cleaning Sponge

The Fenwick’s Chain Cleaning Sponge is a quick and simple method to keeping your bike chain clean. The Chain Cleaning Sponge is made from heavy duty honeycomb plastic, with a unique v-shaped slot. It may not look much, if washed out after every use, it will clean up chains time and time again. Use this simple, yet effective Chain Cleaning Sponge with Fenwick’s Foaming Chain Cleaner. It will transform the way you look after your drive chain, making the laborious job of cleaning your chain quick and easy. Directions for use: Apply Fenwick’s Foaming Chain Cleaner and allow to soak in Insert chain into โ€˜V’ slot of sponge on the lower section of the chain Holding sponge firmly in position, run the chain backwards through the sponge for 30 seconds Rinse the chain thoroughly with clean water Re-lube with any Fenwick’s chain lube To clean the sponge, just apply some Fenwick’s Foaming Chain Cleaner to the โ€˜V’ slot straight after use, rub it in and rinse thoroughly. Handy hint: For best results use leave the Foaming Chain Cleaner on the chain for 2 to 3 minutes to let the foam work its magic and dissolve. Fenwick’s are a UK based company founded and run by outdoor enthusiasts with a strong cycling background they actively support a broad range of British mountain bike and road cycling teams and events. Their UK Made bike cleaning and maintenance products have a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly. They have led the way for over 20 years with biodegradable concentrates and are now redefining performance-oriented biodegradable chain lubes.