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Fenwicks Multi-Purpose Lubricant 200ml

Fenwick’s Multi-Purpose Lubricant instantly repels water and lubricates, a toolbox essential. This Multi-Purpose Bike Lubricant is perfect for adding a quick spray of lube to shifters, cables and mechs or de-watering the chain after cleaning. Directions for use: Shake can before use. FOR GENERAL LUBRICATION AND WATER DISPERSAL: Apply short bursts to components ‘“ chains, cables, gear shifters and mechs FOR QUICK AND EASY CHAIN CLEANING: To loosen contaminants ‘“ place chain in middle gear for ease of use Spray lubricant directly on to chain for one rotation Rotate the chain a dozen times to work in the product Whilst using prolonged bursts on the chain rotate the crank until fully covered Using a cloth or paper towel continue to rotate the chain and wipe away any contaminants and excess product Handy hint: Avoid spraying on to brakes and braking surfaces Fenwick’™s are a UK based company founded and run by outdoor enthusiasts with a strong cycling background they actively support a broad range of British mountain bike and road cycling teams and events. Their UK Made bike cleaning and maintenance products have a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly. They have led the way for over 20 years with biodegradable concentrates and are now redefining performance-oriented biodegradable chain lubes.