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Hamax Caress Pannier Rack Fit Child Seat

The Hamax Caress Pannier Rack Fit Child Seat can be easily mounted to rear pannier racks so you can mount the Caress seat to almost any bike. The pannier rack option is especially useful for electric bikes and or bikes with large frame diameters outside 28-40 mm. An adjustable back system allows you to regulate the height of the back according to the size of the child. The harness, buckles and footrests are designed for one hand operation. The shoulder cushions provide extra comfort for the child, and make the safety belt easier to fit. The bike seat is equipped with a reflective in the back for improved visibility. The seat is reclinable (20 degrees) and the free hanging steel bar offers natural suspension for the child during the ride. Features Enables the seat to be mounted on the existing pannier rack Suitable for e-bikes For children above the age of app. 9 months and weighing up to 22 kg Pannier racks should be approved to carry 25-30 kg Integrated suspension for maximum comfort for the child Facilitates the reclining function Fits carriers from 120 ‘“ 180 mm Tube diameters 10-20 mm. Tubes must be round. Easy mounting