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Shimano M324 SPD MTB Single Side Pedals

The Shimano M324 SPD MTB Single Side Pedal is Ideal for recreational riders, commuters and those who are nervous about switching to SPD pedals. The M324 has a Shimano SPD mechanism on one side so that you can clip in, and a standard flat pedal on the other side which you can use with any normal shoe. If you want to be able to clip in for longer rides, but wear normal shoes when popping to the shops, then the M324 will work for you. Or, if you are new to SPDs and worried about using them the M324 gives you the choice of clipping in or not. Features Combines SPD mechanism on one side and flat pedal body on the other, you can ride with cleats or normal shoes Serviceable cup and cone bearings add to long life of the pedals Adjustable cleat tension means you can start off with loose tension for extra easy engagement and release, and turn up the tension as you progress Weight: 533 grams