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Shimano SH56 Multi Release Mountain Bike SPD Cleat

The Shimano SH56 multi-release mountain bike SPD cleats allow your shoe to be disengaged by rolling or twisting the foot in any direction. The cleat will even release with sufficiently hard (and considerable) upward force, minimising the risk of toppling over with both feet still clipped in. This makes the SH56 ideal for off-road mountain bike riding or for those new to SPDs who are nervous about being able to unclip. The Shimano SH56 Cleat is designed to work with all Shimano 2-bolt SPD pedals and is known to work with the following models: PD-M959 PD-M647 PD-M646 PD-M545 PD-M540 PD-M536 PD-M520 PD-M515 PD-M505 PD-M424 PD-M324 PD-M323 PD-A520 PD-A515